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Tel: 0333 050 1098 | Email: hello@mercharoo.com

Sow the Seeds
of a Greener Tomorrow

In celebration of International Day of Forests and Earth Day,
our branded plantable pens and pencils are just £1 for the
whole of March and April.

£1 A Pen For Our Planet

Introducing Mercharoo’s plantable pen range; crafted from plastic-free, eco-friendly materials.

The pens house a range of plantable seed capsules at their base. Once the ink runs dry, simply plant your pen, water it and watch it sprout! It’s perfect for eco-conscious businesses, schools and events.

Plantable pens offer a tangible way for organisations to promote both brand awareness and environmental stewardship, in a merchandise industry that has traditionally struggled to champion sustainability.

Mercharoo’s sustainable range of promotional pens and pencils is just one way of supporting customers to reinvigorate their brand for a profitable and sustainable future.

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